An Open Letter to Liberty Media

Dear Liberty Media,

Please don’t go down this slippery slope of warning shots and bolstering bravados.

Saying that historic racetracks like Silverstone and Monza are “not essential to the sport’s long term future.” Look across the pond to see that sometimes, they may be.

Don’t turn your thumb to the generations of loyal race fans for the potential of making a few quick bucks and flashy appearances. Because just like those street circuits you want to incorporate, they too can disappear.

Implying that these circuits don’t bring anything to an ever-growing race calendar is ridiculous. This sport was built upon the legends who’ve raced there.

I realize that this is a business and everything comes at a price, but when your customers are struggling to pay the appropriate bill (sanctioning fees), they will move on and accommodate themselves in different ways. I know there will be many who will jump at the opportunity to host these lucrative races but will they be the races fans want?

You’ll tell yourselves that.

You can fix this and make it right. All it takes is some understanding that the vision you have to make Formula 1 into an entertainment giant isn’t impossible but that it will take time. You’ve had this entity since late 2016 and propelled it forward though your use of media knowledge but don’t ruin it by being too ambitious this early.

Change does not come without compromise, and if you genuinely want things to change, then understand what you are going to compromise. It may be more than just a few tracks.

Scott Masom

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