My Admiration for the Oldies

To the man who thought of creating a race track from the public roads that contort through the hill of Mount Panorama, I salute you! I get enamored by Bathurst. The dedication needed by the drivers, the elevation changes, the speed down Conrod Straight, the pinpoint accuracy, I mean I could go on and on.

It got me thinking about how unique these older tracks are. I mean, can you imagine a turn like Eau Rouge and Raidillon being approved today by the FIA? Would anyone even think about building anything like the Nordschleife? We still complain about the neutering of Monza and the Mulsanne Straight.

These old tracks are international treasures; they are the true 8th wonders of the world. Tracks like these are a dying breed, an ode to the past, and they need to be cherished. They need to be raced on and never forgotten. They shouldn’t have to be glossed over for these new venues with no character, emotion, or story.

Unfortunately, they are.

I understand the arguments of safety concerns surrounding some of these older circuits, but I want to see my drivers challenged and pushed to the limit by not only their fellow drivers/cars but the track as well. It’s a shame we don’t see much of that in the top series of the FIA. Imagine Formula One or the World Endurance Championship having some of these challenges instead of the endless run-offs on a race track that’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

We tend to discount how important a race track is until our favorite racing series gets to race on their historic gem. I mean think about it, every series has one:

A proper race track.

Scott Masom