The Racing World is Already Watching…

Humans are curious creatures and IndyCar’s spring training session at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) did nothing to squander that curiosity.


This video has been shared around the racing world, comparing a “flying” lap between the two series of F1 and IndyCar around COTA. I use quotation marks because I doubt that Hinchcliffe was even close to testing the actual limit of his car at any point during his testing sessions.

But this didn’t stop the F1 fanboys from puffing out their chests and declaring themselves superior…STOP IT! All just because F1 cars lapped COTA faster? Are you serious? We already knew that to be true.

I want my readers to understand this statement loud and clear:

Speed does not equal great racing. 

This statement is why the racing world is already watching, comparing, and contrasting far before the green flag waves on the 24th of March for the IndyCar Classic. I’ve been predicting that IndyCars will produce a better show than their open-wheeled counterparts at COTA.

Yes, even without all of that speed.

Scott Masom

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