Like Father, Like Son?

What images do you see when I write the name Schumacher? Go ahead, reminisce.

For me, it’s a glorious blur of a Ferrari whizzing past the TV camera. It has that high-pitched V10 whine that we all hold so dear, as the car climbs the hill and heads into Massenet, centimeters away from the Armco railing that defines the circuit of Monaco.

Mick Schumacher, son of Michael, is following his father’s footsteps by joining the Ferrari Driver Academy. Mick was able to participate in his first Formula One test session at the Bahrain Circuit. He drove the prancing horse his father took to five consecutive Formula One Championships.


Everyone was analyzing, deciphering, and breaking down his every move. His time during the session was second to only Max Verstappen by .597s but was 2.11s slower than the pole time set by current Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc for the Bahrain Grand Prix. Now, testing times aren’t an accurate representation to the pace of a race weekend, but Verstappen did his test session time on a compound of tire that was reported to be two steps harder than Mick’s. Again, we don’t know what Ferrari was testing, and that could have accounted for the slower times, but I say, can we pump the brakes on this kid?

Yes, he is a Formula 3 champion, and yes, his father is Michael Schumacher. Yes, he was driving a Ferrari. Yes, he did say all of the heart-warming things he could about Ferrari but did he prove anything during that test? Other than he can drive a Formula One car around a circuit, I don’t believe so.

I write this because I want to protect all the Schumacher fans that are expecting the championships, the pole positions, podiums, and the victories because they will undoubtedly set the bar incredibly high. The Formula One world is already expecting Mick to do extraordinary things because his father did and frequently, that isn’t the case.

Examples? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Marco Andretti
Kyle Petty
Nico Prost
Gary and David Brabham
Paul Stewart
Steve Wallace
Graham Rahal
Nelson Piquet Jr.
Can it be like father, like son? Sure it could.

Is it possible that two generational talents can come from the same bloodline? Absolutely.

Should we pump the brakes on this kid? I urge that we all do.

Scott Masom




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