The Other Disappointing Team of F1

With everyone writing about how disappointing Ferrari has been, I would like to take the time to write about the other disappointing team of Renault.

Renault was expected to be on the rise this season. They had a fantastic offseason were they nabbed Daniel Ricciardo from Red Bull. McLaren announced how pleased they were after their first year of using a Renault power unit. Which helped give Renault a positive image after their very public and messy divorce from Ricciardo’s former employers of Red Bull. They also restructured their operations during the winter, reworked their budget, and came away from winter testing in Barcelona as the third-fastest team based on average lap times.

The world seemed primed to be their oyster.

Instead, Renault finds themselves currently eighth in the constructors’ standings. That’s two above the bottom dwellers of Williams. Four places below their engine customers of McLaren and five places below their exes of Red Bull. For comparison, Renault claimed the fourth position in the constructors last season with 122 points.

Only 12 points have been collected between the two drivers of Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hülkenberg. Individually, both drivers have managed a 7th place finish, but collectively, they have achieved 5 DNF’s and finished outside the points 8 times through the first five races of the season.

To make things worse, the speed that Renault showed in Barcelona has been nonexistent. They are failing to qualify both cars within the top-ten in all five races. Renault is a works team that has been promising results with nothing to show for it. They’ve said it themselves that this is the most productive winter they’ve had in developing in an engine. The only problem is that they are proving it with their customer cars instead of their own.

This debacle of Renault isn’t as sexy or exciting when compared to Ferrari’s issues against themselves and their rivals Mercedes. But it does need to be noted that Renault is failing their 2019 season.

Scott Masom







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